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Emacs Right Click Context menu


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This package is in development.

A customizable context menu, call it from right-click of mouse. You can also use the context menu from keyboard.





(depends-on "right-click-context" :git "git@github.com:zonuexe/right-click-context.git")


Easy way (use minor-mode)

(right-click-context-mode 1)

;; If want to use context menu by keyboard
;(define-key right-click-context-mode-map (kbd "C-c :") 'right-click-context-menu)

Use keymap

If you do not need the minor-mode, you can add a command to global keymap.

(global-set-key (kbd "<mouse-3>") 'right-click-context-menu)

(bind-key "C-c <mouse-3>" 'right-click-context-menu)
(bind-key "C-c :" 'right-click-context-menu)

Hide righter

You will feel mode line is that it is complicated.

;; Use emoji
(setq right-click-context-mode-lighter "??")

;; hidden
(setq right-click-context-mode-lighter "")
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