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Emacs Keyboard Design 28: Simple Seven


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This makes sense. No Fn necessary. Emacs only.


  • Combining learning with layout results in a lot of changes
  • The Fn key
    • Great way to save a row
    • Emacs users are already comfortable with chords
    • Was interesting when smaller than tenkeyless; still good to get it down to 6 rows
  • Why are the F keys up so high?
    • Is the layout by design or arbitrary?
    • Can we make a rectangle with them flat?
  • Can a tenkeyless still be a rectangle?
    • The ANSI 104 layout is OK with resizing keys just to fit the shape
  • CAS
    • Easy to in this layout, redundant
    • C-M-s-H would be hard
  • The ANSI 104 layout
    • Is probably a good thing
    • I use it and like it
    • Make it a big rectangle
  • How to make the case
    • Easy to carry anywhere like a Dell keyboard
    • Easily 3d printable
    • Inexpensive
    • Open design
  • Can the system and navigation keys line up in a row on the right?
  • This keyboard is for Emacs users
    • That is the singular focus
    • Forget about general acceptance and use
      • It will be generally usable though
  • Steps
    • Move Escape row down above numbers and move them all left
    • Move Delete above backspace
      • Logical location
    • Ultra key
      • Via, better than omega
      • Control Meta Super Hyper
      • Move below Meta, shift needs to be outside enter, more familiar
      • Alt and Gui are better positioned, they are closer really
    • Align PrtSc with delete
    • Align cluster by frequency
      • Pg Up, Pg Dn
      • Home, End
      • Insert, PrtSc
    • Space bar can be 6 bars wide
      • Unsure where to find smaller
    • Main board keys on right (delete, super) can be smaller, make them all standardish
    • Keep right side keys flush with left
      • No, doesn’t look right
    • Modifier board
      • Fill to rectangle
      • Make Emacs modifiers bigger, 1.5w
      • Leave OS modifiers 1.25
    • Made control a homing here
      • There is a lot more space down there
      • Can make sense of lactation given two big bars and edges
      • Removed homing, unnecessary based on using a real heyboard
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