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selected.el - Keymap for when region is active


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selected.el provides the selected-minor-mode for Emacs. When selected-minor-mode is active, the keybindings inselected-keymap will be enabled when the region is active. This is useful for commands that operates on the region, which you only want bound to a key when the region is active.

selected-keymap has no default bindings. Bind it yourself:

(require 'selected)
(define-key selected-keymap (kbd "q") #'selected-off)
(define-key selected-keymap (kbd "u") #'upcase-region)
(define-key selected-keymap (kbd "d") #'downcase-region)
(define-key selected-keymap (kbd "w") #'count-words-region)
(define-key selected-keymap (kbd "m") #'apply-macro-to-region-lines)

It is cleaner with use-package:

(use-package selected
  :commands selected-minor-mode
  :bind (:map selected-keymap
              ("q" . selected-off)
              ("u" . upcase-region)
              ("d" . downcase-region)
              ("w" . count-words-region)
              ("m" . apply-macro-to-region-lines)))

Then activate it with M-x selected-minor-mode. It can be a good idea to add selected-minor-mode to the hooks of the major-modes where you want it activated. selected-off is a function which deactivates the keybindings until the next time the region becomes active. This is useful when you want to execute a command on the region, but then disable selected-minor-mode in favour of other commands like multiple-cursors.

Major mode specific bindings

You may want some keybindings to operate on the region, but only if you’re in a certain major-mode. This is possible if you create a keymap named selected-<major-mode>-map (for instance selected-org-mode-map) and add the mode-specific bindings there. Here’s an example, using use-package:

(use-package selected
  :commands selected-minor-mode
  (setq selected-org-mode-map (make-sparse-keymap))
  :bind (:map selected-keymap
              ("q" . selected-off)
              ("u" . upcase-region)
              ("d" . upcase-region)
              ("w" . count-words-region)
              ("m" . apply-macro-to-region-lines)
              :map selected-org-mode-map
              ("t" . org-table-convert-region)))

Recommended resources

Here’s some functions and packages that are useful with selected.el:

Feel free to suggest additions to this list!

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