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Sending SMS messages from Emacs on Android


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If you’ve got emacs running in termux running on your android phone, you might wonder how to do phone stuff from emacs through the termux api. Thanks to a few recent changes, this couldn’t be simpler.

There are a few technicalities, you will need to reset the core shell-file-name as termux doesn’t have a traditional/bin/sh, and you’ll have to have the latest version of termux-api installed.

(setq shell-file-name "/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/bash")
(defun send-sms (recip text)
  (interactive "sRecipient: \nsText: ")

  (shell-command (concat "bash -c 'termux-sms-send -t \"" text "\" " recip "'")))

Now simply M-x send-sms and you’re on your way. Interestingly, if you send sms to a string of characters, you can crash the underlying phone process.

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