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Spacemacs is still great, folks!


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Hick 叽喳:

    Vim/Emacs 人群多少有点宗教狂热式的痴迷, 赞同作者说的 Spacemacs 好看, 设计优雅, 但是终究人各有志,  Emacs 的高度定制也是允许不同的存在, 不选择 Spacemacs 不代表它不好, 也不代表选择的人就没追求... 尊重每个人的选择, 有闲情的话理性的交流 :)

Last week I went back to my own personal Emacs configuration after using Spacemacs for more than six months. When I tweeted about it the reaction absolutely caught me by surprise: Several people asked why and some were even concerned whether they should still be using Spacemacs now that I left.

I’ll not speak about the reasons why I left Spacemacs, not now, at least. These are personal, and more concerned with the community than with the product.

So rest assured, I still think that Spacemacs is a great thing. All of what I said before about Spacemacs still stands: It’s beautiful, it’s well designed, and it’s a great Emacs distribution. I can’t unanimously recommend it anymore, and I won’t, but make your own choice! You make no mistake when you pick Spacemacs.

I’m thankful for the work done in Spacemacs, and I admire the product that it created and the elegance of its design. I learned a lot about Emacs while using Spacemacs, and took a thing or two over to my new configuration. Spacemacs has changed the way I bind keys and how I care about discoverability and documentation in my own editor.

But ultimately, I’m happy to be back at my own configuration. It feels like being back home after a long, long holiday in a far, far away place :)

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