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XWidget support maybe in Emacs 25.1


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Hick 叽喳:

    XWidget Branch has been merged into Emacs 25.1  这意味着离在 Emacs 里嵌入 webkit 浏览器不远了!  看到这个消息比较激动, 开始还怀疑是不是我理解错了, 现在的 Emacs 维护者 John Wiegley 在邮件列表有对 push 的人评论: Yes, thank you!  A momentous moment! reddit 的网友评论表示以后就在 Emacs 家住了, 不走了!   Emacs 内能嵌入非纯文本的浏览器并结合 Emacs lisp 的编程操控能力, 能让 Emacs 的使用提升很大的一个台阶. 这里有人小试了一把自己从 Emacs 源码的对应分支编译的: http://emacsist.com/10699

相关邮件列表讨论参见 http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.devel/196096/

Xwidget In Emacs

不了解 XWidgets 意味着什么的可以看看这里 https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsXWidgets


Xwidget In Emacs

在 reddit 上发布该消息的 orpheanjmp 进一步的说明, 说跨平台支持 xwidget 也是可能的:

And perhaps more interestingly, embed webkit into an emacs buffer. Lars is already talking about integrating EWW with the xwidget embedded browser. There was also a discussion on emacs-devel where Joakim was saying there's nothing really X specific about the xwidget branch (though there is only one backend, GTK+3 that is currently supported iiuc) so cross platform embedding may be a possibility. It's a huge feature that's been on the horizon for literally years now and a pretty amazing step for integrating emacs with other programs.

It sounds like the idea is that some type of interaction will be possible. Lars for example is looking at ways to leverage xwidget with EWW. It's an area that can use a lot of iteration for sure though. I'm excited its in there at all for today.

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