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Spacemacs 0.105 : new layouts system


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Spacemacs v0.105 was just released this morning, the first major release since late September.


Notable improvements are the new website (PR) and a new layouts layer integrating perspectives and eyebrowse into what I can only assume is one of the most powerful workspace tools in Emacs land (PR and PR).

new features

  • Spacemacs layouts under SPC l with eyebrowse integration (thanks to CestDiego, bmag and TheBB)
  • Revamped Magit key bindings thanks to evil-magit which provides a faithful port of Magit UX using Vim key bindings (thanks to justbur)
  • Brand new website on spacemacs.org with readthedocs documentation pages (thanks to bobbyangelov, nashamri and TheBB)
  • New command line parameters for emacs:

    • --timed-requires, --profile and --adv-timers [n] to profile and

    benchmark Emacs initialization (thanks to justbur)

    • --insecure to disable https when fetching ELPA packages.
    • --debug-init (built-in Emacs parameter) now enable Spacemacs verbose messages when Emacs is loading.

Other important notes

  • All extensions directories have been renamed to local. extensions directories will be deprecated in 0.106.0.
  • The evil-leader functions evil-leader/set-key and evil-leader/set-key-for-mode are now obsolete and will be deprecated in a future version.

New conventions

  • Commit and abort commands conventions:

    • SPC m ,~ and ~SPC m c to Valid/Confirm
    • SPC m a and SPC m k to Abort/Discard

(thanks to StreakyCobra)

  • Update evilified state rebinding conventions: SPC to ~'~, / to \ and : to |
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