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Speed Matters


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Searching for a regex is one thing, but sometimes you may not even need that and can get away with checking whether a specific regex follows point with looking-at. This is a very powerful feature, not unlike lookahead in parsing. There’s obviously looking-back as well which would allow you to look the other way, but the docs recommend against using it. Why?

It turns out looking-at is written in C, does a regex match and then undoes some state changes. looking-back however

(defun looking-back (regexp &optional limit greedy)
  "Return non-nil if text before point matches regular expression REGEXP.
Like `looking-at' except matches before point, and is slower.
LIMIT if non-nil speeds up the search by specifying a minimum
starting position, to avoid checking matches that would start
before LIMIT.

If GREEDY is non-nil, extend the match backwards as far as
possible, stopping when a single additional previous character
cannot be part of a match for REGEXP.  When the match is
extended, its starting position is allowed to occur before

As a general recommendation, try to avoid using `looking-back'
wherever possible, since it is slow."
   (advertised-calling-convention (regexp limit &optional greedy) "25.1"))
  (let ((start (point))
           (and (re-search-backward (concat "\\(?:" regexp "\\)\\=") limit t)
    (if (and greedy pos)
          (narrow-to-region (point-min) start)
          (while (and (> pos (point-min))
                        (goto-char pos)
                        (backward-char 1)
                        (looking-at (concat "\\(?:"  regexp "\\)\\'"))))
            (setq pos (1- pos)))
            (goto-char pos)
            (looking-at (concat "\\(?:"  regexp "\\)\\'")))))
    (not (null pos))))

It’s no wonder that you get weird warnings suggesting you to use the LIMIT argument to mitigate a failing lookup for an anchor to do the matching against. I doubt most people encountering this understand it though and will just put (point-min) there once it becomes mandatory instead of reconsidering a meaningful value or rewriting the code to not uselooking-back

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