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open-recentf on Emacs startup


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Hick 叽喳:

     一直没使用这种打开最近文件的方式, 最左的还是 projectile 的;  看使用习惯, 经常关闭 buffer 又需要打开的情况有时候也蛮多.

Open recentf immediately after Emacs is started. If files are opend, does nothing. Open recentf otherwise. (For example, it is when execute by specifying the file from command line.) This script uses only `after-init-hook’. Not privede interactive functions.

put into your own .emacs file (~/.emacs.d/init.el)


init-open-recentf Support helm, ido, anything (or nothing). Determine from your environment, but it is also possible that you explicitly.

(setq init-open-recentf-interface 'ido)

If you want to do another thing, you can specify an arbitrary function.

(setq init-open-recentf-function #'awesome-open-recentf)


Cask (without pallet)

See Cask Installation. put into your own Cask file.

(depends-on "init-open-recentf")


See Getting Started - MELPA. M-x package-install and type init-open-recentf.


See El-Get #Installation. put into your own init.el file.

(el-get-bundle init-open-recentf)
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