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Using Helm with flx for better fuzzy matching


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Credit to PythonNut in this Github comment.

;; an emacs 24.4 macro. You know what to do if you have 24.3
(with-eval-after-load 'helm
  ;; make sure you have flx installed
  (require 'flx)
  ;; this is a bit hackish, ATM, redefining functions I don't own
  (defvar helm-flx-cache (flx-make-string-cache #'flx-get-heatmap-str))

  (defun helm-score-candidate-for-pattern (candidate pattern)
    (or (car (flx-score candidate pattern helm-flx-cache)) 0))

  (defun helm-fuzzy-default-highlight-match (candidate)
    (let* ((pair (and (consp candidate) candidate))
            (display (if pair (car pair) candidate))
            (real (cdr pair)))
        (insert display)
        (goto-char (point-min))
        (if (string-match-p " " helm-pattern)
          (cl-loop with pattern = (split-string helm-pattern)
            for p in pattern
            do (when (search-forward p nil t)
                   (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0) '(face helm-match))))
          (cl-loop with pattern = (cdr (flx-score display
                                         helm-pattern helm-flx-cache))
            for index in pattern
            do (add-text-properties
                 (1+ index) (+ 2 index) '(face helm-match))))
        (setq display (buffer-string)))
      (if real (cons display real) display))))

It's fast even for large collection of items (i.e. 30k-50k), and more accurate. For example, with flx, Helm can do what smex can do in Helm.

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