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Quoting emacs-devel


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I just came across this tweet by Artur Malabarba:

I just made a rough count. The curly quotes issue has generated over 100k words on the #emacs dev list. That's 3 times my doctoral thesis.

— Artur Malabarba (@AMalabarba) 9. September 2015

The issue of using curly quotes (‘foo’) in docstrings and other places where Emacs has of old used ASCII quotes (``foo'`), that is.

I’m furious that they apparently did not seriously consider the use of Taiwanese quotation marks (『foo』)1. In the end, though, the depth and complexity of this matter might just warrant new Unicode codepoints. I propose HALF-NOT-SO-CURLY OPENING EMACS QUOTE and ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE ENTIRELY UNCURLY CLOSING EMACS QUOTE.

I hope that they escalate the matter timely to the Unicode committee, before they add the fourth PhD thesis to the discussion2.

  1. The Wikipedia page on quotation marks makes me sad. Quotation marks are disappointingly standardised. Every language uses more or the less the same. C’mon, is that really all you can offer??

  2. In a related development, I propose “units of PhD thesis” as a new international SI unit for the amount of words wasted in entirely irrelevant nit-picking.?

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