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Emacs 24.4: subword-mode & superword-mode


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emacs 24.4 has a superword-mode.

emacs has subword-mode, useful for camelCase. It changes all cursor movement/edit commands to stop in-between the camelCase words.

superword-mode is similar. It treats text like “x_y” as one word. Useful for “snake_case”.

emacs subword-mode superword-mode camelCase snake caseemacs subword-mode, superword-mode

subword-modesuperword-mode are mutally exclusive. Turning one on turns off the other.

To see whether you have subword-mode on, call describe-variable then type “subword-mode”. Same for superword-mode.

To turn it on, just call subword-mode. Call again to turn off.

Or put in emacs init file:

;; move cursor by camelCase
(subword-mode 1) ; 1 for on, 0 for off
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