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Handling 4 Kinds of Return in Org Mode


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You might want more than a few ways to “return” when inside of Org; I did.

org-return-indent Make it really easy to work in existing list items,
headings, and tables

  • This is listed first because I often go back to modify entries
  • because it is used the most org-meta-return Make it really easy to add new list items, headings, and
    table contents

  • M- because the binding comes with Org electric-indent-just-newline For when I want to break out of the default
    Org indentation to start working at the beginning of the line for example when
    I’m done working in a list or have just created a new heading

  • C-M- because it is next step “lower” in the binding gcr/smart-open-line When I want to insert a new line between the current
    and next line then position the cursor correctly indented at the start of it.

  • s- because it is that is the last place in the modifier key chain

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