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Emacs嵌入webkit 的新方案:Xwidget-mvp


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Hick 叽喳:

    之前有一个 deepin linux 的王勇同学折腾的 deepin Emacs 支持 webkit, 一直好奇但是还没时间试用, 现在又一个新的候选项了.  也许  Emacs 里折腾 web 爽不到哪里去,  living in Emacs 还是一种追求  :)

先附带下 xwidget 的说明, 简单的说就是通过 gtk 给 Emacs 带来嵌入 GUI 的能力:

http://emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsXWidgets : The xwidget patch enables embedding of gtk widgets inside emacs buffers.

mplayer could be embeded in emacs, using mplayers -wid flag, emacs and uzbl are other xembed compatible apps.

Xwidget-mvp is the branch which allows embedding webkit browser widgets inside emacs buffers for those that don't remember.

Basically I'm only merging from master and fixing conflicts when they occur, which is sometimes.

I think I have addressed most of the concerns I received, sorry if I forgot some.

The embedded browser widget works okay even with sites with lots of video and eternal scrolling. I use it for much of my daily browsing, such as following links from Gnus to Phoronix for example, and other news sites.

Build status can be viewed here: http://labs.it-huset.se/jenkins/job/Emacs/

It would be nice if we can get some kind of merge plan going.

There is a spurious diff in movemail.c, but thats only because I enabled warnings as errors , and movemail won't compile then for some reason. It can be ignored.

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