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ace-jump-helm-line.el 快速定位helm候选项


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Hick 叽喳:

    前几天在 Emacs@smth 里讨论 ace-jump-mode 的运用的时候, 跟 cute-jumper 同学讨论的 helm 候选项其实可以结合 ace-jump 式跳转, 今天他就实现了, 大赞!  BTW, 水木社区的 Emacs 版历史悠久, 是国内很多 Emacs 爱好者初学的摇篮, 讨论 ace-jump-mode 的原帖里还有其他发散型讨论, 匿名即可访问查看:  http://www.newsmth.net/nForum/#!article/Emacs/108980?p=4  

Ace-jump to a candidate in helm window.

This package makes use of the avy-jump.el provided in ace-window.


(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/ace-jump-helm-line.el")
(require 'ace-jump-helm-line)


When in a helm session, for example, after you call helm-M-x, you can use “C-‘” to invoke ace-jump-helm-line. See the following demos.


Use avy-jump style to jump to a helm candidate:./screencasts/avy-jump-style.gif

Or use ace-jump-mode style(which should be similar as ace-jump-mode):./screencasts/ace-jump-mode-style.gif

By default, this package uses avy-jump style(anyway, it uses avy-jump.el!). You can certainly change to ace-jump-mode-style by:

(setq ace-jump-helm-line-use-avy-style nil)


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