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(Very Late) SX.el Announcement, and more launcher-map


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SX.el, the awesome Emacs client for the StackExchange network, has been stable and happy for many months now, and it’s about time I mentioned it here. We have put considerable effort into making the interface intuitive, teaching you how to use it without the need for explanations. In fact, it would probably be a disservice to the package for me to post a tutorial, so I won’t just yet. Instead, I’ll just urge you to give it a try.

After installing it from Melpa, the only thing you need to do is authenticate with M-x sx-authenticate. Once that is done, you’re ready to invoke any of the entry commands.

The main command is sx-tab-all-questions. But that’s so many letters, we simply must to bind it to a key. And if you read the post title, you know where I’m going with this.

;; Ordered by frequency of use, for no particular reason.
(define-key launcher-map "qq" #'sx-tab-all-questions)
(define-key launcher-map "qi" #'sx-inbox)
(define-key launcher-map "qo" #'sx-open-link)
(define-key launcher-map "qu" #'sx-tab-unanswered-my-tags)
(define-key launcher-map "qa" #'sx-ask)
(define-key launcher-map "qs" #'sx-search)

Before signing off, I will also bring to your attention the magnitude of the SX.el feature set. This is not just a cute toy that lets you browse or search questions. The client has so many features it could take the website itself in a fight. Voting, editing, commenting, answering, asking, deleting, inbox viewing, and source code font-locking are all things that just popped into my head. And that’s without mentioning a host of Emacs-oriented features like tabbing through buttons, or folding (hiding) comments like org headlines.

I’m probably saying too much already, let’s leave some content for future posts. If you have any questions or would like to give feedback,Sean, Jonathan and I are always floating around our Gitter chat room(and we do love to hear compliments).

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