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Hick 叽喳:

    看这种文章颇为有趣, 作者 20 年的 Emacs 使用经验中感悟偏温和, 哈哈哈, 难用确实能造就高手! 主要是难用不仅仅是难用, 人家也是有原则, 因为更自由灵活而难用嘛... 自由就像野马, 不是所有人都能驾驭的!  

After reading the Wired article, Why We Should Design Some Things to Be Difficult to Use, I finally realize that Emacs should be hard to use, and we really should just give up changing it to be easier for new-comers.

This quote sums up my 20 year experience with Emacs:

[Fujifilm took] the controls out of deep menu functions and putting them back on chrome knobs that just beg to be twiddled.

I bought a Fujifilm X100 two years ago. It was the first piece of technology I’d bought in 15 years where I had to read the manual. Actually, I’ve read the manual at least four times. Now I’m taking the best pictures of my life, and I love it. By being hard to use, my X100 made me a better photographer.

Seems like Emacs users are now in some elite club where the hazing ritual amounts to learning Lisp. Consequently, I’ve decided to start signing all my Emacs-related correspondence with:

Yours in Emacs,


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