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I Wasted Time with a Custom Prompt for R with ESS


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Hick 叽喳:

    就看得懂人家玩的是 Emacs,  好像是用 R 语言的什么东西, 嘿嘿

I wanted a custom prompt for R with ESS. I wanted a double struck R. I probably did it wrong. It never worked. Actually it worked most of the time, and that is worse than never working. Kind people helped me. I still got it wrong. I take full responsibility. It was better not to do it. If you want to try, here is where I left it.


Make the ℝ prompt stand out (be sure to tell ESS how to handle this):

options(prompt="ℝ> ")


Tell ESS how to handle my custom prompt:

(setq inferior-ess-primary-prompt "ℝ> ")

Handle the custom ℝ prompt in ess. Don’t use custom here.

(setq inferior-S-prompt "[]a-zA-Z0-9.[]*\\(?:[>+.] \\)*ℝ+> ")
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