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Hick 叽喳:

    原作者 Grant Rettke 没说特别的, 不过看了下 auto-compile, 看介绍自动编译的应该是比较有用的, 大概是 .el 编成  .elc 吧. 想起来有些时候 .el 没有被自动编译成 .elc , 还没摸索出规律, 回头研究研究. 基于 elisp 真的不怎么快, 自动编译有必要. 项目地址 https://github.com/tarsius/auto-compile

This package provides two minor modes which automatically recompile Emacs Lisp source files. Together these modes guarantee that Emacs never loads outdated byte code files.

auto-compile-on-save-mode re-compiles source files when they are being saved and auto-compile-on-load-mode does so before they are being loaded (by advising load and require). Both modes only ever re-compile a source file when the respective byte code file already exists but is outdated. Otherwise they do not compile the source file.

Even when using auto-compile-on-save-mode it can happen that some source file is newer than the respective byte code file, which is a problem because by default Emacs load the byte code file even when the respective source file has been modified more recently.

Starting with Emacs version 24.4, setting load-prefer-newer to t prevents outdated byte code files from being loaded. However this does not cause re-compilation of the source file, to actually do thatauto-compile-on-load-mode is still required.

原文出处: Grant Rettke
原文地址: http://www.wisdomandwonder.com/link/9395/all-emacs-users-should-probably-run-auto-compile
原文时间: 2014-12-28 06:08
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